Alan's Stringalong @ Rooks

This months Golf tournament organised by The Walrus will take place on Wednesday the 17th of September at Korat C.C. (Rooks) teeing off at 9:30am.

The tournament is called Alan's Stringalong and the format is as follows:

All players will have a length of string relevant to their handicap plus 4 feet, e.g. a player with a handicap of 12 will be given 16 feet of string. Each player will then be allowed to use the string to their advantage. For example, if a player is stuck behind a tree they may move the ball out of trouble, if they move the ball 3 feet then they cut 3 feet off their piece of string. Or if they take a putt and it stops a foot from the hole they can place the ball in the hole and cut the amount off the string. This can be done as many times as they like until they have no string left. Full information will be available on the day or better still call in at The Walrus to enjoy a cool beer while you find out more about what's planned for the day.

A free buffet for all is available at The Walrus afterwards.

For more information contact Briany on 085 732 7001.

Please click for The Walrus Facebook Page.

Tel: 044 355 192 (Thai) or 085 732 7001 (English/Well Irish)

Address: 2169/3 Seubsiri 7, Nai Muang, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand 30000.

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