Hire a Mini-bus

Korat is a great city with lots to see and do but let's be honest it's never going to be a stop off for any major international artist or band as part of their latest world tour.

Therefore to see a major international act you're going to have to travel the three and a half odd hours to Bangkok, but driving is such a pain, especially at night and the buses are usually crowded and you will have the added inconvenience of needing to take taxis when you arrive in Bangkok's Bus Terminals. There must be an easier way.

And there is, hire a mini-bus and a driver. Prices for a days return trip to Bangkok including fuel are around 3200 Baht so if there are 10 of you on the trip that's just over 320 Baht each return which is less than a standard bus return ticket. And when you add on the additional Bangkok Taxi costs if you took a normal bus - it's an absolute bargain.

Hiring a mini-bus is all about convenience and this starts with picking you all up from any location in Korat.

And since it's only you and your friends you can party like it's 1999 (to quote the legendary Prince). The executive mini-buses all come with DVD players and a large Plasma screen so you can get into the mood for the concert by watching a few others on your way down. They also have monster sound systems and most even have disco lighting to really turn the journey into Party Central.

The seats are huge, reclining and mega comfortable. They are at least equivalent to those found in business class on quality airlines,  and are a world away from what you'll rest your bottom on in standard buses.

You also have the option of stopping anytime for toilet breaks or for re-stocking party supplies.

When you arrive in Bangkok the mini-bus will take you directly to the venue, or stop for a meal on the way if that's your preference. The driver will then wait while you all enjoy the event. Then afterwards he can either take you for a few late night after-show drinks or a snack before driving back to Korat with everyone sleeping in the back - it's the only way to travel!

Mini buses can obviously also be hired for less excessive pursuits like picking up friends, family or business contacts from the airport. How else could you get 10 people to and from Korat in such comfort for so little?

So the next time you and your mates want to see a live performance by Linkin Park, Lady Gaga, Eric Clapton, Green Day, Slash, The Eagles, Deep Purple, The Pet Shop Boys, Placebo, 50 Seconds to Mars, or any of the countless bands who have played in Bangkok over the last few years book a mini-bus and make the travel experience far easier and much more fun.

Our recommendation is Eeat, his driving ability and knowledge of both Korat and Bangkok is second to none, he's courteous and never complains about the whims of us Farang. He can be contacted on 081 877 6485

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