Bakonenokiyaki @ Tomodachi

Another recent addition to the ever expanding menu at Tomodachi is Bakonenokiyaki.

It's a simple dish of Japanese Enokitake mushrooms wrapped in delicious bacon served with a side salad of chopped salad veg, tomatoes and lettuce with a very light Japanese salad cream, delicious.

They are topped with garlic fried in butter with steak sauce, again delicious.

Served with wasabi and soy sauce for that Japanese horseradish hit!

This is a light meal, especially compared to the spicy food that understandably surrounds us in Thailand. However, if you crave subtle beautiful tastes this could be the meal you've been looking for, highly recommended.

Price: 90 baht

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Opening times: 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-22:30

Address: Chomsurang Road, Korat - It's next to the gas station on Chomsurang Road. The gas station is the one not far from Klang Plaza on the same street.

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