Buy a life-size Elephant @ Dan Kwian

There are many things that we want in life, many things that we just know will make us happier, many things that somehow instinctively guarantee a more fulfilling existence. And one of those has to be a life sized Elephant!

Yes, I know you want one, but where do you get hold of one of them, I hear you ask? Well the answer is in Dan Kwian Pottery Village. 

They are made from fibreglass and come in four different sizes, a full sized (at least 6 foot high at the shoulder) standing elephant, an even taller (maybe 8 foot) rearing elephant on his two hind legs, a medium sized (3-4 foot) and a baby elephant which is about the size of a very big dog.

For scale please check the top picture where you will see a dog lying underneath the elephant and a blue stool which as you can see is completely dwarfed by the size of the elephant.

They are made from fibreglass, and come with a two year guarantee against any defects. Even after that if they do crack, which fibreglass does occasionally do when exposed to high temperatures such as those in Thailand, they can easily be repaired and touched up to make your Jumbo look like new again. The seller/builder told me it would last a lifetime with the occasional repair which he is happy to come out and do. They may need a power wash every few years if they are left under a tree, but he said they withstand power washing with no ill effects.

In case your worried about delivery, it's included in the price, and since they are made from fibreglass it's possible for even the largest ones to be moved by four very strong men.

Dan Kwian is situated about 14 kilometres south east of Korat on the Road to Chok Chai and the shop that sells the elephants, as well as a number of other large species including Hippopotamus and lions, can be found in Lan Dan Kwian, the third precinct (the second one with lots of shops that are open in it, the actual second precinct is half empty) on the left hand side after you have made the U-turn to come back towards Korat at the far side of the village. Just ask anyone where the elephants are and they'll point you in the right direction.

The prices are... and I hope your sitting down, 65,000 Baht for the standing full sized elephant, 65,000 Baht for the full sized elephant on it's hind legs, 35,000 Baht for the medium sized, and 15,000 Baht for the small one.

Not cheap but if you want the ultimate talking point in your garden (just imagine it looking out over some bushes next to a nice tree) then you can't go wrong, and it will probably cost you far less than an ornate fountain. Get one now before the rush starts!

Since I was a lone faring when I asked the prices there might have been some price hiking going on, so if your interested it's probably best to send a Thai along first to possibly get a better price, the prices are also probably open for negotiation.

Dan Kwian Pottery Village is situated about 15 kilometers from Korat on Highway 224 to Chok Chai.  As well as being a great place to buy artificial flowers it is known primarily for its pottery and handicrafts. The village name Dan Kwian means toll station or check point (Dan) for oxcarts (Kwian).

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