Have fun buying some bedding @ Sen Tawee

Lets face it, there are far more enjoyable things to do than buying bedding, but we all sleep for around eight hours per day, and we have to sleep somewhere so it might as well be in a bed. Unless you want that bed to look like that of a student or a junkie, you will need some bedding.

When you consider that we spend about a third of our lives asleep you suddenly realise how important bedding is, and how difficult it is to buy decent duvet covers and sheets in Korat. It's a huge part of moving into a new house, and it takes a while to find a place that can offer the right quality (at the right price) without having Doraemon or Winnie the Pooh all over it! 

So where do we get this most essential sleeping ingredient? Obviously there are many choices, the Mall, Klang Plaza, a number of smaller shops dotted about town, etc. but that just isn't fun. So how do we make this mundane task fun? That's the question.

We recommend you pop along, with your hard earned cash, ready to buy some slinky sheeting, delectable duvets and comforting comforters to Sen Tawee on the corner of Jakree Road and Yommarat Road. 

Imagine this, Arkwright from Open All Hours, the classic British sit-com moves to Thailand and opens a bedding shop. That's Sen Tawee. It's run by two little old ladies (female versions of the Ronnie Barker character) who will make a complete fuss of you and serve to all your eclectic Farang bedding needs. They're good fun and have a little flirt with you even though they are both well over retirement age.

The shop is so untidy its amazing that they know where anything is, and if you ever get the chance to go upstairs (the first time I was invited I did have my suspicions) take the chance as it's an Aladdin's Cave of bedding. There is so much of it and it's piled so high it's a wonder their floor can take the weight.

But does it only sell bedding? Well of course not, it sells some things that you would expect to see, like pillows, towels etc. and lots of things that you wouldn't normally expect in such a shop, usually hidden in corners under a pile of assorted bedding such as: the largest selection of Talcum Power ever gathered in a single place without an attempt at breaking a Guinness World Record, Hi-Fi amplifiers whose technology was out of date and appear to be the leftovers from when we all partied like it was 1999 (some of them I think came from the original Open All Hours shop), pay phones??? (yes you put coins into them to make a phone call!), tents (well I suppose you do sleep in a tent but I've never experienced a bedding shop selling tents before) and the list goes on...

They obviously stock and sell the full range of bedding by manufacturers such as Toto, Tulip and Jessica, you just look through the masses of catalogues on one of the many counters, make your selection and one of the little elves will scurry off up the stairs, tunnel their way through the cloth mountain that exists there and return not surprisingly quickly (well they must occasionally get lost within Mount Bedding) with your selection. You then pay what is probably the cheapest price in Korat for your bedding and leave to get a great nights sleep. Enjoy your adventure. TS

If you need further information on buying bedding then please check out the following helpful video by Rhod Gilbert:

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