All You Can Eat Buffet @ Chew Lounge

Chew Lounge is a Thai style all you can eat buffet in the Sueb Siri part of town on the west side of Korat. It is a big restaurant that fills up every night, meaning it's a good place to go for some atmosphere, whether you are eating alone, or in a big group. The buffet costs 179 Baht per person, which is great value for money.

It's a cook it yourself job, with cookers built into the tables. The waiters will bring you a hot pot that sinks into the table, and you can put whatever you want in there. They offer suki, shabu, a salad bar, a variety of meats and vegetables, spring rolls, gyoza, spaghetti, rice, massaman curry sauce and seafood, meaning you can't get bored of their selection.

I started with the spring rolls and the gyoza, mainly because I am lazy and wanted to eat something without having to do any work. I then moved on to the shabu. I was told that 'shabu' means to dunk, and that I was not to shabu too many times or my meat would become tough and less enjoyable. The perfect shabu number for the marinated pork and beef is 8-10 times. This is enough to turn the meat white and keep it tender. It was lovely and the dipping sauce was very tasty. There was a large pot of pre-prepared dip with vats of chili and garlic next to it so you could amend the strength of your condiment.

I really enjoyed the experience, and ate far too much, but I also managed to burn my tongue when I got over excited and chucked some piping hot broth down my neck without first turning he heat down. School boy error.

Having arrived at 9:30pm, we were still going full whack at the buffet come 10:20, when the staff (there must have been 15-20 of them) started to clear up and stack the chairs. This did not put off my eating companion, who continued to stack more meat on her plate and refused to give in to their attempts to make us pay up. Finally, being the last 2 in the restaurant, we caved, and let them close up.

Recommended eating time: 90 mins +
Recommended beverage: Leo (to protect your tongue ;)

Open: 16:30 - 22:30 (Everyday)

Tel: 092 926 8008 (Suebsiri Restaurant)

Address: Suebsiri Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000 (Heading south on the Suebsiri Road, it is past where you would turn for the Walrus Pub, and on your right hand side)

NB. There is another restaurant in Ban Koh up near Joh Hoh

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