Get a Tuk tuk to pick you up @ Your house

Many Things have got a lot more expensive in Thailand over the last few years. Food, beer, and fuel costs to name a few. But one thing that hasn't gone up much is the cost of Tuk tuks.

It's still possible to get from most places within the city to wherever you want to go for 100 Baht or less and even from one end of the city to the other will only cost you around 150 Baht.

So instead of taking a car or bike on your next evening out, call a Tuk tuk to come and get you from your front door and deliver you to your chosen watering hole for the evening. Then when your done enjoying the amber nectar or Scotland's finest just give him a call and do the journey in reverse.

The number of police road blocks is increasing constantly as are the fines they are imposing. And that's without mentioning the other unthinkable that could happen when driving with a few too many beers inside.

So try a Tuk tuk collection and delivery service and make all the worries of police stops and accidents a thing of the past.

The telephone numbers of a number of reliable Tuk tuk drivers can be found on our Tuk tuk page

If you know of a good Tuk tuk driver who would also like to be listed then please let us know, thanks.

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