Baan Farang

The university side of town out between Suranarai Road and Chang Peuak Road (Maharat Road) is full of places to go out. There are loads of decent restaurants with live music and most places are busy all through the week because the students don't necessarily only go out at the weekend. One of these places is called Baan Farang and is pretty much jam packed every night of the week.

The atmosphere is great. It's busy, there's live music every night of the week, you sit outside with a covered roof in case it rains and the beer is dead cheap! I hear that they are Korat's biggest distributer of Chang Export (not Chang, don't worry), and they have promotions on where it is something like 4 bottles for a little over 200 Baht! If you want to go and drink cheap beer, find a lively crowd and eat snacks, this is the perfect option for fun night out.

The owner is a Dutch guy called John, who has set up a really busy bar. The waitresses bring you everything you need so you haven't got to be running around, you can just sit down and relax with your beer and listen to the bands play. There must be about 200 tables overall, making it one of Korat's biggest outdoor bars.

I suggest hitting this place up about 9:00pm or 10:00pm, and making a night of it. Get a table and order some 'gab kaem' (beer snacks) like the 'laab moo tord' (spicy deep fried pork balls) or the quite spectacular 'moo dediow' (sun dried pork) which has an almost barbecued flavour.

The crowd gets a bit rowdy and as a foreigner, you may be approached with the occasional 'hello', or 'you my name is?', but I have always found everyone to be very friendly and I really enjoy this as a break away from the more sensible venues in the centre of town.

Soi 30 Ganya has lots of other bars so you can always nip on to the next one and try and make a pub crawl of it. Just be aware that most of the bars close at around 12:30am.

Open: 6:00pm - half past midnight

Tel: 087-720-1672

Please click for the Baan Farang Facebook page.

Address: 348/1 Soi 30 Ganya, Suranarai Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000

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