Funky Villa @ Manhattan Bar and Restaurant

If you imagine the type of lounge bar jazz band that you would normally find in a high quality hotel but playing at a great outdoor bar in Korat which the turn into a wonderful cross between Earth, Wind and Fire and Funkadelic and you won't be far off what to expect when Funky Villa play at the Manhattan Bar and Restaurant.

Their set opens with a selection of classic and modern pop jazz and funk tunes of a calibre that is actually quite hard to believe. They then progress into full on 70's to modern funk including a very interesting funky versions of modern pop songs such as Adele's Rollin' in the Deep. 

There is little point listing the songs played, from jazz to modern jazz, swing and the later harder funk tunes, all mixed seemlessly. All the songs were in English because obviously most jazz and funk are. Everyone on stage was a pleasure to listen to, with great musicianship abounding, the thing about jazz bands is that the best musicians always seem to get together to form them, and this was the case in this wonderful venue.

The food choice included everything from burgers to spaghetti dishes to pizza, it all had a very Farang feel so I'm sure no one will leave here hungry for lack of choice. Drinks wise, Manhattan Bar and Restaurant offers a large selection of cocktails including the wonderful Punch in the Garden and Deep Blue Sea, both of which were excellent. If alcohol isn't your thing or your driving check out the mocktails or the juices and smoothies.

It is easily one of the best new bars I've been to for a good while, highly recommend regardless of what music you like, but if you like kitch decor and great jazz funk then you will be here every night. Play that funky music white boy!

Funky Villa play every Saturday evening from 10.00pm until 11.00pm. The excellent Make it Mind play every Friday at 10:00pm till 11:00pm if you fancy something more alternative.

Manhattan Bar and Restaurant info:

Directions: It is located on Mukkamonttri road, just beside Soi 13 which is better known to most of us as Soi Farang. It is also close to where the old PB Restaurant used to be many many years ago for all the old timers who remember it.

Open: Everyday from 6:00pm - 12:00pm.

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