Go for a Thai Lesson @ KRT

Okay! So, the reason I took lessons with Usanee at KRT is because I was starting to get frustrated with my inability to speak the Thai language. When I moved here 7 months ago I managed to learn a bunch if sentences/phrases that served me well for a little while, but soon enough these wore thin and I realised I didn’t understand why they meant what they meant and started to revert back to English again.

After a while I wasn’t getting enough by learning titbits from my farang friends (who can speak Thai very well) so I decided to go straight to the source and have lessons with the person who had taught them. Not surprisingly they were all taught by the same person. So her reputation is strong already, I can understand why. I believe she’s the best teacher of Thai Language in Korat, and not just because she was recommended by a number of people, but because I’ve only had 5 lessons so far and have seen results already.

It’s fair to say I have doubled my ability in three weeks. She has a knack for teaching you how to construct a large number of sentences with minimal tools. The teaching structure is useful, rewarding and relevant to what I need it for; making friends, building rapport, learning how to flirt, being understood and allowing other to understand where I’m coming from etc. She also teaches how Thai language affects the culture, thinking patterns and behaviours of Thai people (which is definitely useful to know).

If you want to fast-track you’re development and save tons of time/frustration I would recommend investing in a few lessons with her at least - it’s good value. I’ve got no allusions about becoming fluent (and I don’t want to be), but being able to communicate with others is pretty important and I’d be surprised if most foreigners didn’t find it useful on some level. 

Plus you’ll get a lot more respect from Thai people once they see you’re trying; I get free drinks, cheaper taxis and phone numbers from strangers because of my efforts. 

If you are on the fence about taking lessons I would try Usanee first, simply because if she can’t help you, no-one can.

Highly recommended if you’re planning to stay in town for 3 months or more.

For more information please contact Usanee on 086 865 9836 or e-mail her on usanee3@gmail.com or visit www.krtschool.com


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