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Whenever an ex-pat moves to a foreign country one of the hardest things to cope with is what's on offer on the local television. This applied to Thailand 10-15 years ago but thankfully things have changed a lot since then and you'll now find a large amount of non-Thai language programming available on satellite through companies like True Visions and CTH, as well as a fair bit on cable stations such as Korat Cable TV.

Watching programs within Thailand in your native language is now relatively easy, but the choice obviously doesn't come close to what was available in your home country. Even though there are hundreds of channels on offer, I often find that there still isn't anything I really want to watch on any of them. When this happens I often resort to and start searching for programs from my recent and not so recent past.

The choice available is beyond belief. In fact it's hard to actually search for a program that can't be found on Youtube. I can't guarantee that you'll find every episode of every program ever made, but you'll be amazed when you put in a search for some little known program from your childhood which you think no one on earth even remembers when the screen comes up with every episode from every series in order.

Some of my recent searches with great results have included classic British sit-coms like Steptoe and Son, Porridge and Open All Hours, more recent British programming like QI XL and Mock the Week, and classic American programming like Married with Children and MASH. And every search gave me more viewing options than I could ever watch in a whole weekend. It really is staggering what is available, try the most obscure search you can think of and see what the results are.

The programs I searched for are obviously my personal preference and all In English, but whatever your programming preference and whatever language you choose to make your search on Youtube the results will still be there.

On tip for searching is to search with the name of the program you want to watch followed by 'full' or 'full episodes'. This means you won't have to trawl through hundreds of small 2-3 minute segments looking for a full version.

In order to optimise the experience I would recommend connecting your PC or Mac up to your TV. This is easily done, but varies from TV to TV and from PC to PC. In simplistic terms all you need is a cable that goes from your PC's main or secondary monitor output to your TV's PC in socket or from your PC's HDMI output to the TV's HDMI input if your PC has an HDMI out. Or you could use any of the adaptors or specialist cables available at shops like IT Mall opposite Yamo to go from your PC's monitor out to the TV's HDMI in. You will then need to select the monitor output in your PC's Control Panel and switch to the correct AV input channel (PC in or HDMI in) on your TV. I know it sounds complicated but most people manage to sort it out quite quickly, if not ask a technically minded friend to give you a hand. Once the initial set-up is complete watching TV from your PC should just be a case of switching the AV inputs via a remote control. If you get into this form of watching TV I would also recommend getting a wireless mouse and wireless mini keyboard which you can have by your side while watching internet TV to select your next program without the hassle of getting up and without messy cables everywhere.

You also need to maximise the resolution of the video within Youtube. This is done by clicking on the settings switch which is the second of the four clickable controls on the right hand side under the video in-between 'Watch Later' and 'Large Player'. The higher the resolution the better the quality on your TV or PC screen, with lots of the more recent programming being available in 720 and 1080 which are both defined as HD. Lots of older content is only available in lower resolutions. The downside of increasing the resolution is that the file size increases which means it will take longer to stream or download the file which may cause staggered viewing. If your internet connection isn't the best experiment and find a happy medium between average quality and a quick enough download speed. Auto resolution is also available on Youtube, this measures your bandwidth before the streaming/downloading begins to give you the optimal resolution whilst allowing for lower bandwidths. 

Your now ready to re-live some programs from your childhood or just catch up on recent episodes of your favourite recent programs which aren't shown in Thailand. Enjoy your viewing.

Occasionally the legal departments of the Copyright holders get in touch with Youtube and complain about rights issues which must effect their ability to sell DVD's and DVD sets of the original content. When this happens Youtube take down all the videos it has in relation to the complaint which are breaking copyright. However, as you would expect in the modern digital world they are soon re-uploaded by loyal fans of the programs and are available to watch again soon after.

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