10% off @ Swensens

Swensens started it's new loyalty programme on October 15th of last year and its a must for anyone who regularly enjoys their delicious, quality ice cream. The Swensens Member Card costs 199 Baht and offers a number of advantages to it's holder.

The first is a buy one scoop, get one scoop free offer, which is great for those who enjoy their excellent cones because you only need to pay for the cone and one scoop and end up with double the amount of ice cream every time.

The second is a general discount of 10% on every bill. If you spend on average around 250 Baht on your total family bill per visit, you will get the 199 Baht membership fee back in only eight visits on this discount alone.

The third offer is a saving of 20 Baht on every tub to take home.

And finally they offer 10% off all Swensens Cakes, which considering they cost from around 500 to 1000 Baht each, can save you up to half the price of your card in a single purchase.

It couldn't be easier to get a card, simply go to one of the the three Swensens in the city and ask for a card, they'll give you a very short form to fill out, hand it back with 199 Baht and the card will be brought back to you shortly after.

Swensens are located on the first floor of the Mall, opposite the main entrance of Klang Plaza and in the Tesco Lotus superstore at Hautalay.

Cost: 199 Baht for a one year membership.

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