Jack Sparrow does magic @ Check In Korat

Well that's a title to get all our female viewers excited and shocked, but in fact it's true! If you visit Check In Korat on most evenings then you will be treated to a full on magic show by none other than Korat's very own magical version of Jack Sparrow.

But to be honest 'Jack' isn't quite as handsome as Johnny Depp. If I'm 100% honest he looks a little bit more like Captain Teague who was played by Keith Richards in Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End and in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides than to good old Captain Jack. But I bet you he's far better at some slight of hand tricks than the 'real' Jack would ever be and the art of magic is far more important than looks to a magician so no real worries there. 

'Jack' puts on a great show, is dressed superbly and even has Jack's walk and general movements down to a tee. And the magic isn't half bad either, he's no David Blaine, Criss Angel or Derren Brown, in fact he's a little bit more of a pirate'y Tommy Cooper but the quality of the tricks is extremely good for a free venue in Korat.

The crowd love it, firstly because it's well performed, secondly because it's entertaining and lastly because it's such a change to see a good or for that matter ANY magic show anywhere in Korat. Get yourself along to Check In Korat and see for yourself, as I said the crowd love it, you probably will too!

The show lasts about 20 minutes and is on after the first band finishes at around 10:00pm.

Admission is free on most nights unless there is a major band playing when there will be a small ticket price.

Open: Afternoon until late (01:00am)

Tel: 085 771 7331, 089 945 1339

Reservations: 080 779 5779

Address: Chang Phuak Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000 (about half way between Maharaj Hospital and the Pegasus Hotel)

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