Swap a book @ The Ram

If your an avid reader getting hold of good books at reasonable prices can be difficult in Korat. There are a few good second hand book stores specialising in English language books in Bangkok but that seems an awful long way to go for a good read.

Far closer, far nicer and with cool beer and quality food on offer is the Ram, who run a book swapping service. Basically take something you've finished reading with you and swap it for something you haven't, as a famous Russian meerkat would say - simples.

While you're there browsing through the books, have a quick browse through the menu as well to see if there is something that takes your fancy, the fish and chips is highly recommended. Or just have a cool beer and beg the other half to drive you home.

The Ram also offers a selection of standard foreign foods to take home with you including Heinz baked beans, OXO cubes, crumpets, fruit pies, British style Indian curries, home made steak and ale pies, etc. if your missing the taste of home.

A great service for all avid readers, not only to get new books for your own pleasure but also giving the pleasure of your old books to new readers.

Highly recommended.


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