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Kebabs are a delicacy for drunken souls in search of food. Their deep history goes back a long way, through drunken student nights out, pub crawls, the Middle East and even the Ottaman Empire. The doner kebab is a Turkish variation cooked on a vertical rotisserie that is similar to an Arabic shawarma or a Greek style gyros. They have trended all over Thailand in recent years, especially around Sukhumvit, on Khao San Road and on most islands that have a lot of tourists. Korat has even seen a few at food festivals, though few stay for good as the festival seen seems to be too attractive for the stall owners who clean up every time they show their faces (and more importantly doner meat).

There was once a stall outside Klang 2 and in early 2014, there was even a stall that did a few nights a week at the 2nd night bazaar by Pon Laan Gate into the Old City. Neither is reliable enough to get your hopes up.

Enter the 'Doner moped' (Ganya Chicken Kebab). Having been in Korat off and on for 10 years, this is one of the most memorable moments of my sad life. Doner kebab being delivered outside the Check Inn pub at about 9:00pm on a Saturday night. A mad frenzy of foreigners rushing for such a fine drunken cuisine kept the kebab bike there for about an hour, then he moved on. Who knows where? Well, all I know is that he will be taking more visits down Mookamontri and will certainly be visiting more foreign bars after such a successful debut. You can always try calling him to see where he is if you get an overwhelming craving, but I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more of these cropping up around Korat in the near future.

A flat bread, a generous portion of chicken doner meat, salad and some none sweet ketchup and mayo sauce all for 40 Baht. If he ever masters lamb and beef and a nice chili, mint, garlic and lemon sauce, he may just become my new best friend.

Tel: 080 567 3172

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