Visit a beachy thing @ Had Jom Thong, Khonburi

Korat is a long way from the sea, but believe it or not it's a lot closer to a beach, but don't get too excited it's not the Costa del Sol, Waikiki, Bondai or even Blackpool.

It's more of a beach in concept than in practice but never the less it's the closest you're going to get to a proper beach without a very, very long drive to the coast. 

It's called Had Jom Thong, and it's near Khonburi which is about 60 kilometres from Korat. But what exactly is it? Let's define a beach:

a) A beach is normally made of sand. Had Jom Thong does feature sand but it doesn't stretch very far from the waterline and it's held together by plants so don't except any tropical sandy beach photo opportunities. 

b) A beach is by the sea. Had Jom Thong, is most certainly not by the sea but is next to a very large relatively clean lake. It's surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains and is more picturesque than many real beaches.

c) A beach has lots of room to relax, lie in the sun, lie in the shade and sit in deck-chairs. So does Had Jom Thong.

d) A beach offers a variety of food, drink and ice cream options. So does Had Jom Thong, and to be honest since the waiters and waitresses come to wherever your seated, take your order, then deliver whatever you want to your table I think it's actually better than most beaches on this point. Plus ice-cream sellers are constantly passing by on scooters with fridges attached if you fancy a Magnum or a lolly.

e) A beach offers numerous fun activities from swimming and playing in the water to Swan shaped pedallo's and jet ski's pulling banana boats and massive inflatable sofa's. And yet again Had Jom Thong offers all of these and more in masses.

So in conclusion, is it a beach? Strictly no, but apart from having less proper sand, no waves and no salt in the water it's extremely close. And I personally think anyone who is young or young at heart can have a great day out there. Just don't bother taking the sandcastle making equipment, you could end up quite disappointed.

Directions: Go out of Korat on the 224 towards Chok Chai, when you get to the main junction signposted to Ubon Ratchatani one way and Bangkok the other go straight ahead towards Khonburi, when you get to Khonburi ask for directions, it's just outside the town but on narrow roads so best to simply ask the locals for the final directions.


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