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Thailand has a reputation for being one of the worlds leading manufacturers and sellers of fake products. From Lady Gaga's statement about wanting to buy a fake Rolex when she last performed in Bangkok, to the crackdowns and raids across the Kingdom set up by companies as diverse as Microsoft, Omega and Gucci which hit the news every now than then.

And probably the most pirated product in Thailand is DVD's. They are available in markets, on street stalls even in the lower quality shopping malls. We've all seen them, a badly printed cover surrounded by an ill-fitting plastic bag (why waste good money on a plastic case to actually protect the disc?). The disc's themselves are standard single copy PC discs which have a bad picture badly printed onto them.

As for the quality, where do I start - is it a copy of a DVD or a copy of a video taken by someone in the audience at a cinema? Is it in the correct language? Are there subtitles and if so were they translated by someone who could actually speak both of the languages necessary? Picture quality is average at very best, as is sound quality.

So why do people buy them? Well because they are cheap, there is absolutely no other reason. Most go for around 100 Baht.

But did you know that you can buy genuine, licensed, high quality DVD's  from Manpong in the Mall starting at 99 Baht. In proper boxes (with printed covers and inlay cards inside), with the high quality picture and sound that the film makers wanted you to experience. The subtitles are correct and available in English, Thai and often numerous other languages. Genuine DVD's!

A small selection of the titles currently available for 99 Baht include the excellent coming of age comedy The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe in The Raven, Stallone's absolute classic First Blood, Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby or the amazing Good Will Hunting.

If your happy to spend a little more you could be watching Leaving Las Vegas or the Usual Suspects for 129 Baht. Or how about the return of Ron Burgundy in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, the all-star cast in critically acclaimed historical drama The Butler, the mega award winning Forrest Gump, or what is easily one of the greatest movies of all time The Godfather Part II for 189 Baht. As I mentioned this is just a very small selection of what's available for between 100 and 189 Baht, the choice is massive and I guarantee there will be at least a few movies within the price range that are on your must watch list.

These DVD's will last you multiple viewings over many, many years and you can watch them with your partner in English with Thai subtitles that she will actually understand, or why not try and improve your Thai and watch them in Thai with English subtitles.

If you buy a lot of DVD's it might be worth getting a Manpong Loyalty Card which costs 200 Baht and gives around 10% off the price of selected DVD's. So you could end up paying 89 Baht each for your latest purchases which is cheaper than any dodgy copy.

The latest blockbusters are obviously higher priced than but that's understandable considering the Movie Studios have to make their money back but for anything which isn't that recent you'll be pleasantly surprised by the prices. Examples include Schwarzenegger's recent release Sabotage for 219 Baht and one of last years best movies in my opinion Dom Hemingway for 299 Baht.

So get yourself down to the Mall and into Manpong which is located next to Bangkok Bank and opposite McDonalds and expand your DVD collection with genuine DVD's that will give you a lifetime of viewing pleasure. TS

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