Go to the Cinema @ EGV The Mall

The EGV cinema at the Mall is a great way to spend a hot afternoon or an evening. The screens are good, the air con is cold (too cold, but you can go prepared with a hoody or blanket), the sound is good and the snacks are tasty (my girlfriend likes to mix sweet and cheese flavoured popcorn together, which is quite absurd, but it tastes excellent).

They have movies on in English most of the time, though you can't be sure how long each movie will stay. Schedules change and sometimes there is only one in English, though it tends to be 2. Be careful to look for whether the movie is subtitled in English or actually shown in English. If it says (Thai/Eng), it means it is shown in Thai and subbed into English. If it says (Soundtrack), it will be the original soundtrack in English. The English movies will normally be in 3D too if it's a real blockbuster, so check before to see which room you are getting - Screen 8 is 3D.

Tickets are sold at the main kiosk, and the screens don't fill up, so there is no need to get there too early. Just leave enough time to get your popcorn and 5 minutes to buy the tickets cos the process is annoyingly slow. You buy the tickets from the counter, then you have to take your 'pre-ticket' to the automated machines (surely these are there to stop the need for someone to sell you the tickets at the counter?!) and spend a few minutes figuring out what to press. 

You then have to go back to he main counter and ask one of the staff to help you use the automated machine (irony at its best), where they will then struggle and you will finally get the ticket and be able to proceed to the screen.

The adverts and trailers go on for about 30 minutes (so if you aren't on time for the showing, you may only miss the trailers). Just before the film begins, they will play the tribute video for the King, where everyone will stand and show their respects much like was done in the UK bank in the 50's.

The Mall closes at 9pm, but the car park below remains open until after the lady showing has finished. You can take the lift down and after the rigmarole of finding the only exit that is open head home.

If you go regularly you can get a cinema card which accrues points.


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