Get your stuff serviced @ Korat's Samsung Service Centre

If you, like me and 70% of Korat's population, have a Samsung smart phone, or any Samsung product for that matter, you may have visited the Korat service centre opposite the New Bus Station/St Mary's Hospital in the past few years. I went there in early August 2015 and was pulling my hair out trying to find it! I could swear it used to be on the corner of the small Sima Condo Soi!

Well it has moved to Platinum on the same road as The Royal Dusit Princess Hotel (as of September 2014 apparently).

Samsung info:

Tel: 044-008-3268

Address: Platinum, 1118 Suranarai Road (Rajabhat University/Dusit Princess Road), Nai Muang, Korat, 30000

Direction: Head north on Suranarai Road past The Royal Dusit Princess Hotel and Night Bazaar. Samsung is in Platinum on your left after T-Bone Steak House.

Please click for the Samsung Facebook page.

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