Make a candle @ Save One Market

Save One Market is a great evenings entertainment offering a lot more than just a shopping experience. There are of course hundreds of stalls selling everything from jewellery to guitars to phone chargers to underwear to dog food and everything imaginable in between, but there is so much more...

There is a great food area with tons of vendors selling a huge variety of food and drink, check out the pizzas at the Pizza Shop - delicious. For children and those who are still young at heart there are junior go-karts during the daylight hours, fairground rides and even a bouncy castle.

If you're there with younger children then next to the bouncy castle you'll find a craft stall selling crafts and craft supplies to take home or to use on the tables which are located behind the counter. There are also easels for any budding Leonardo's to release their artistic streak, if that's their thing.

I was forced into (but only slightly) making a candle. It's your choice as to what you want to use with different coloured sands, small sea-shells and a number of different cartoon characters and cuddly animals available as your centre piece.

I went for a combination of blue and white sand to match my chosen character - Doraemon - you just can't beat an over-sized cat with retractable helicopter blades coming out of his head in my opinion. Now that I'd chosen my constituents it was time to arrange it all carefully in the shot glass provided, before giving my artistic masterpiece to the stall owner who filled the glass up with wax and put a wick in it.

I then went to eat some pizza and returned about 30 minutes later to find my masterpiece had set hard and was ready to go as a fully fledged candle.

Are you ready for the price - all the constituents in any quantity you want including the shot glass for a total of 25 Baht!

Making a candle provides an excellent 20-30 minutes entertainment for younger children with the added bonus of a pretty candle to take home ready for the next rainy season power cut. And at a cost of 25 Baht that turns out to be around a Baht a minute which has to be some of the best value children's entertainment anywhere in the city.

Follow the pictures to see how my candle turned out to see if my talents were wasted and I should have got a job on Blue Peter instead? Get down Shep!


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