Ride in Mr Cookie's Tuk Tuk @ The Road

Korat is one of the few cities where tuk-tuks are a serious part of everyday life. They are all over the shop. But, when you really need one, where do they all go to hide? Well, What's On Korat has a growing catalogue of tuk-tuk's on our tuk-tuk page so you can always try calling a tuk-tuk to come and pick you up.

The next problem is: 'will he know where I am?'.

Mr. Cookie's catchphrase is: 'There is only one tuk-tuk driver in Korat who knows everything'.

Not only does the self professed know-it-all have shiny business cards, he also has Korat's only (to this writer's knowledge) open back tuk-tuk. Give him a call next time you're stuck and see if he really does know everything there is to know!

Mr. Cookie: 081 069 8089


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