Curried Chicken & Potato Roti @ Wat Pho

A roti "โรตี" is a common snack in Thailand and can be found all over Korat. Usually, they are filled with banana and egg and fried on a large flat frying surface until crispy, then rolled up into a wrap and served doused in sweet condensed milk. However, there is a savoury version of this maida paratha flatbread that originated in South Asia in the Indian Subcontinent (NB. Maida is a finely milled refined and bleached wheat flour, closely resembling cake flour).

Half way between Check Inn and The George & Dragon on Suranaree Road, directly opposite the entrance to Wat Pho, there is a small roti stand with an orange sign in Thai that reads, 'Roti Mataba'. The mataba filling is a curried chicken and potato mix with southern Thai/Indian spices like turmeric, cumin and good old curry powder. It is a muslim dish that originates from the south of Thailand and the mother of the family that make them at this particular stall is from Satun, which is the furthest southwest province of Thailand on the Malay border.

They are very busy most of the time with the queue taking quite a while, so you may want to place your order and run off to do an errand or two or nip for a quick drink somewhere whilst you are waiting. The process is simple enough; the lady takes a pre made roti ball, and rolls it flat like a pizza base. She spins it and makes it larger, before placing it onto the flat frying surface. 

She then takes a cup full of the curry filling, an egg and some veg, and pours it onto the middle of the roti whilst it is cooking. The outside of the roti is then folded over to lock the filling in and the roti is flipped to cook the other side. Lots of oil is used in the process, but this makes it crispy and delicious. When ready, it is served with a bag of sliced baby cucumber and a sweet honey vinegar dipping sauce with shallots and chilis.

It tastes great hot, but can also be kept in the fridge and eaten in the morning.

All this for just 40-50 Baht.

Open: 5:00pm - 10:00pm (Every day)

Address: Opposite Wat Pho, Suranaree Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000

Directions: Half way between Check Inn and The George & Dragon

Please click if you want to try making your own roti mataba, using a slightly different recipe with madras curry powder.

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