Make a flower arrangement @ your house

I don't know if it's only me but do lots of you find it much harder to keep house plants in Thailand looking good and healthy, then you did back in your home countries?

I think it's down to the heat and the humidity along with lots of plant sellers saying yes to every question you ask them about a plant. It's amazing but I've never known so many plants that can grow inside or out, in sunlight or in shade, and will cope with lots or no watering - it's no wonder so many plants don't do well where you plant them, or is this a conspiracy set up by the sellers to keep you coming back to buy more?

Anyway, I've had enough of watching plants die and am going artificial, I can hear the shrieks of horror already - artificial plants are cheap and tacky. Well they are if you buy them from the equivalent of pound shops, but if your willing to spend some more you might be surprised at the results.

The best place for high quality artificial flowers is a shop in Ban Dan Kwian in Dan Kwian Pottery Village. There are also occasionally flower sellers in the special shopping events they hold at the Mall, the quality of some of the flowers being so lifelike it's unbelievable but they are very expensive.

The ones available at Dan Kwian are high quality but reasonably priced, a large stalk of three roses or lilies is available for around 150 Baht.

When it comes to arrangements, don't go over the top in terms of the number of different flower types you use or the number of colours or you'll end up with something that wouldn't look out of place in the corner of Delboy's flat in Peckham.

Once you've chosen your flowers, you'll need some extras to bring your arrangement to life. I went for some artificial thin stems with small leaves which were expensive at 200 Baht for three sprigs joined at the base but it's worth the money because it makes such a difference by adding depth and contrast to the finished arrangement.

The arrangements were put into very large black ceramic (not pottery) pots which cost 2000 Baht each, also available from Dan Kwian. Again not cheap, pottery versions are available for around 700 Baht but I just love the sheen of a ceramic coating.

I put large plastic pots which fitted snugly into the tops of the ceramic pots. These are available from Do Home for between 29 and 89 Baht depending on the size. The plastic pots were then filled with a combination of white pebbles (89 Baht a bag from Do Home) for stability and white packing nuggets to reduce the weight. Only pebbles would have weighed a ton.

I then arranged the selection of flowers until I was happy with the result. 

Get yourself down to Dan Kwian with the misses and have a go yourself, getting creative is always fun and having a lovely arrangement at the end of it which will last a good number of years if not longer a definite bonus - enjoy.

Dan Kwian Pottery Village is situated about 12 kilometers from Korat on Highway 224 to Chok Chai.  As well as being a great place to buy artificial flowers it is known primarily for its pottery and handicrafts. The village name Dan Kwian means toll station or check point (Dan) for oxcarts (Kwian).

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