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Foreigners arriving in, (or living in) Nakhorn Ratchasima will know all too well that communication can be difficult as the level of English among the local Thai people is nowhere near what you might get in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and so on. It is therefore far more important to be able to speak some Thai if you want to be able to get about and enjoy all the things Korat has to offer.

If you are looking to start from scratch, trying to build your vocabulary up to the next level or starting to read and write in Thai, you might want to try taking Thai lessons with Ajarn Usanee at KRT School (just off Suranaree Road just down from the Siri Pattana Hotel and Check Inn Pub and near the infamous 5 way junction). Beginner courses work on conversational Thai, while advanced can focus on Thai media, newspapers, Thai culture and even social issues.

Ajarn Usanee arranges classes for all levels and has a Thai school curriculum that can help learners of all abilities. I, myself, had already been living in Thailand for 3 years and had good conversational skills and the basics of reading before approaching the school to improve my tonal understanding. 

I really enjoyed the classes and now find that I can read with improved confidence. There is a course structure and a classroom environment that really encourages learning. Give it a go.

  • Interactive Approach
  • Flexible classes
  • Affordable Rates
  • Conducted in English and Thai
Benefits of the method:
  • Experienced Thai teacher
  • Ability to speak basic phrases in a very short time
  • Complete courses in reading, writing and conversation
You can learn full time or part time, in groups or in private classes.

Opening hours: 8am – 7pm (Monday - Saturday)

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Tel: 086 865 9836 (Ajarn Usanee)            Email: usanee3@gmail.com

Address: 2071 Soi 24, Seubsiri Road, Nai Muang, Korat

Directions: Suebsiri is the road that heads out towards Tiger Golf

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