Stuffed Crispy Noodles @ Teow Tae

Teow Tae is a nice clean place to eat right in the middle of the Old Town. They specialise in pork leg noodles and satay sticks, but they offer more if you scroll down the menu.

It is quick affordable food that has become very popular with the lunchtime crowd in the area. I would recommend ordering one of their main dishes per person and then ordering this tasty side for the table. 

Stuffed crispy pork noodles (well it's a gyo that has been filled with pork) served with a sweet chili dipping sauce. I think on the menu it is something like 'gyo tod sai moo', though it may be any variation or permutation of those words, so just chuck them all out there and see how they respond. 

The lady who runs the place speaks excellent English as her husband is American/Thai, so you should be able to order anything you like without any language problems.

If you like coffee, there is a coffee shop next door, which offers a place to chill out when you are full.

Big Vern

Teow Tae info:

Open: 10:30 - 19:30 Every Day

Tel: 097 334 3249


Please click for Teow Tae's Facebook page.

Address: 158/8 Jaggree Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000

​Parking: Available on Jaggree Road directly outside, though it gets busy around school closing time.​

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