World Cup Football @ Khun Nok's Bar

World Cup panic has hit Korat! Where can you watch a game? Will the commentary be in English? Can you get a bite to eat? Will your alarm clock take the pasting it is about to receive?!

Your worries are over...

Nok's Bar will be showing all of the World Cup games with the commentary in English for the entire duration of the tournament.

They will have their usual curries available as well as sausage and bacon sandwiches.

We hope that there is enough interest in this but even if there are only a small number of people going along they guarantee that all the games will be shown.

Tel: 087 323 7488

Address: Suranarai Soi 9, Joho, Korat

Directions: Head up to Joho on the Big C Road. Turn left at the Joho flyover. Go past the street that has Dr Pizza, Blue Steak and Arom Dee on it (downtown Joho), and drive about another kilometer. Nok's Bar is on soi 9 on your left. Easily missed.

Open: 11am - Midnight (times will change depending on the football matches)

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