Tasty Coffee @ Class Cafe

Class Cafe is a very popular chain of coffee shops in Korat that at my latest count has 3 different locations. One on Jomsurangyat Road near Klang Plaza 2, one on Chang Peuak Road and a third (not sure where to be honest).

It offers the cool music and minimalistic decor that most new coffee shops have, but it also offers a strong brand and interesting selection of snacks and sandwiches that other places don't yet have.

The music is better than the normal 'lounge room version of every song that has come out in the past 3 years' sound tracks that play on loop in every coffee shop in Thailand, which makes a refreshing change and gives me a reason to stay longer than just one coffee.

The coffee, I must say was strong for me. I dropped 2 in a row, because I was trying to be productive and it worked. I was buzzing and typing like a button basher attempting to win a gold medal in the old 'Olympic Games 100m Sprint' (if that means anything to you?)

It comes with a nice foamy top and a pretty pattern and the ice coffee is pretty good too. Not too bitter, and no need for sugar. It's a decent coffee, in a decent little cafe.

Please click for the Class Cafe Facebook page.

Tel: 044 007 277

Address: 174/2 Jomsurangyat Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000
(There is another Class Cafe on Chang Peuak Road)

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