See Bumblebee @ Opposite Makro

Korat is famous for 5 things. Namely the statue of Lady Yamo, Korat noodles, the pottery at Dan Kwien, the ruins of Phimai and its silk. All of these things are what makes Korat special, but I would have to say that Bumblebee should make the list too.

Any fan of the Transformers as a kid will remember how cool he was. The Michael Bay rebranding of the world's best cartoon is what has made it big over here and on a global scale. Although I despise what he has done to the movies, I can only thank him for making it popular enough for Wheelspec to spend an astonishing 400,000 THB on recreating a full size Bumblebee. 

The giant Transformer is made of real car parts and was made by a Thai artist from Ayutthaya. Only two of them were commissioned, with the other being at a company in Bangkok called Infinity.

After spending about a year or so opposite Big C, he was moved to the new shop opposite Makro in mid 2014. He is certainly attracting attention, and if you need to buy tyres at any point in the future, I'm sure you'll remember where to go.

Address: Wheelspec, 440 Mittrapap Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000 (opposite Makro)

Please click for the Wheelspec website.

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