Buy a Model Plane @ S Hobby

S Hobby offers a range of flying model planes and helicopters and is situated in the middle of town between Nail Relax & Spa and the shop that sells gas bottles for cookers on the same road as Klang Plaza 2 (the newer one) though quite a bit further down.

Prices range from 1,300 baht for a small helicopter to over 10,000 Baht for the largest radio control plane they have (big enough to send your pet dog across Bung Talua!) so they have something for everyone from beginners who want to try it out, to semi professional model commercial airline pilots. The owner of the shop is quite helpful, but can only speak Thai.

If you haven't seen these in action before, you can check it out the Youtube video below.

There are lots of good places to fly these planes and helicopters in Korat. If you do end up trying it out, we would love to hear from you and see a video. Maybe we can post your skills on our site.

9am - 7pm (Monday - Saturday)
9am - 4pm (Sunday)

Address: 226/2 Jomsurangyard Road, Nai Muang, Korat

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