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The explosion of Korat has seen a serious increase in restaurants attempting western food, in particular pizza. Big Girl is a cute little bistro style bar/restaurant that has an interesting foreign menu, a great selection of 90's English music and a relaxed atmosphere, run by people who really love what they are doing. They decided to start a new restaurant that is unlike anything else in Korat and now specialise in thin crust pizza (all homemade), BBQ ribs, pasta and a selection of other delicacies.

It is located on Ruam Reung Chay Road that runs between Suebsiri and Bung Talua at Times Square (next door to Shinzen and just around the corner from C'est Si Bon and Isaan Lawyers).

The charm of this venue is that it is only small. You can take one of the 5 or 6 tables or you can choose to sit at the wooden bar and eat up on a stool. When we visited, there was a large reunion with lots of people all sharing dishes up at the bar which looked like a fun way to work your way through their fairly extensive menu.

We ordered a selection of pizzas; a large lab pizza, a ham and pepper pizza and a seafood pizza with squid and prawns. They also have a good looking pepperoni pizza with large slices of pepperoni and black olives. The lab was a nice idea and worked well. The red onion and the mint leaves giving the pizzaa really distinct, yet perfectly balanced finish. The ham pizza seemed a bit Thai style with very small squares (but lots of them) or processed ham that was OK, but the other toppings were better. 

Considering I never order seafood, and wouldn't have unless they were out of pepperoni, I was very impressed with this one. Lots of topping and lots of cheese, which is where most Thai pizzas fall short. On the whole, the pizzas were filling and full of flavour. The base was thin and crispy. 300 Baht for a medium and 400 Baht for a large is expensive for Korat, but I will certainly be eating here again.

The pizzas were only part of a really good meal. We also ordered New Orleans chicken wings, which came in a spicy marinade and were topped with jalapeños. The garlic bread was 'real' garlic bread. The tuna salad came with a decent salad dressing (thousand islandy) and the BBQ ribs were so tender that all the meat came off the bone incredibly easily. They weren't hot, but I don't worry too much about that now that I have lived in Thailand for 11 years. They came served with a piece of corn on the cob and some slightly al dente potato wedges.

The overall bill for 5 of us came to about 1,800 Baht, which was a big meal with a few soft drinks and beer.

Big Girl Pizza also does home delivery, with a minimum order and a potential delivery charge depending on where you live. Please call them for more information. They speak very good English (Bangkok level!)

As a slight aside, the brother of one of the guys who runs this place is the owner of Prew Bar on Bung Talua lake, which has lots of imported beers and a new food menu.

As another aside, I saw a few people drinking red wine and even Gordon's gin & tonic...

Paul Wicker

Big Girl info:

Open till 10:00pm Every Day

Tel: 095 649 4165

Please click for the Big Girl Pizza Facebook page.

Address: Times Square, Ruam Reung Chay Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000

Parking: Available directly outside in Times Square complex

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