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Nakhorn Ratchasima is Thailand's biggest province. It offers tourists a lot, but not all of it is in the city of Korat. Khao Yai National Park has some beautiful scenery and some very interesting and diverse outdoor sports if you know how to find them. Most travel guides for Thailand don't mention what you can do in the area, so you have to look elsewhere and it can take some time. Here is a great way to spend a weekend in Khao Yai kayaking with Korat Kayak Club.

There are several courses you can sign up for:

1) Chill Chill - A kayak introduction to learn how to paddle. The upstream distances are not more than 5 km, so it's easy going for beginners. The fee is 200 Baht per person, (students receive a discount rate of 100 Baht). This route takes about 1-2 hours.

2) Explorer - This is designed to explore nature, to take advantage of the Lamtaklong water birds and to see protected animals such as the local iguanas that are named after the waterway. The fee for this excursion is 650 Baht per person. It's a down stream cruise through the 4-5 whitewaters. At the end, all the kayaks are lifted into a truck called a "Song Thaew" to drive you back to Khao Yai Lamtaklong Hotel. Overall it's about 2 hours.

3) Adventure - Here you get to appreciate the natural beauty of the plants and animals by using whitewater rafting skills with F1 - F3 over a distance of 10 km. The final destination is a restaurant called "Baan Mai Chay Nam" (Sometimes alternating with another restaurant called "Mori".) The fee for the adventure kayak trip is 750 Baht per person. The group will stop for lunch (not included in the package.) At the end, all the kayaks are lifted into a truck to drive you back to Khao Yai Lamtaklong Hotel. It takes approximately 3 to 5 hours.

* Special... Hotel guests can enjoy this exclusive 4th package:

4) Happy Night and Kayaking - This includes accommodation for one night and breakfast for two plus your choice of the 2nd or 3rd trip for the promotional price of 3,000 and 3,150 Baht respectively for 2 people. (NB. The hotel reserve the right to change the price of the 4th Package, in case of any increasing costs of accommodation).

Take your pick!

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Tel: 091 887 7321

Email: seramethkun@hotmail.com

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