Burn @ 40Up

Burn's guitarist Tony is not only one of the best guitarists that you'll find anywhere let alone in Korat, but also one of the very few Thai singers who sings songs in English as if they were sung by a first language English speaker. His spoken English is OK but on stage if you close your eyes you would swear it was a Farang singing.

He is joined on stage by a female singer who sings mainly in Thai, a bassist and a keyboardist. Unfortunately they don't have a drummer, so all the drums you hear will be pre-programmed. The keyboardist Tho is responsive for this task and it is done very well, but sadly it lacks the presence and power of a real person banging away at a drum kit. This is however the only negative that can be given with regard to Burn's performance.

They have been playing in and around Korat for nearly 20 years with some line up changes so as you can imagine that have a huge list of songs, both in English and in Thai from which to draw from.

Due to being the 'house band' they have to play to the crowd. So if there is a large amount of Thai's in, they will play a lot of Thai standards. If however there are a few groups of Farang in they will play mainly English language songs.

They cover all types of music from pop to classic rock. And due to the exceptional abilities of Tony, the guitarist their stand out songs tend to be the rockier numbers including the best version of Still Got the Blues by Gary Moore you will probably hear anywhere.

One of the rare highlights to listen out for, even though they only play it a few times a year when they get the right crowd in is their incredible version of Child in Time by Deep Purple. A song very few bands would even attempt due to the difficulty in not only playing it but even more so singing it, especially for a Thai!

The bar is named 40 Up because that's the target age of the audience, so don't expect to find any students there. This is also reflected in the music played which is classic pop, classic rock and Thai standards.

They perform songs by artists such as The Beatles, Van Morrison, the Rolling Stones and Kansas, while their classic rock side includes Cream, UFO, Rainbow, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Bad Company, Black Sabbath and their incredible version of Black Magic Woman by Santana.

Burn play every night from 9:30pm-11:30pm with a night off every second Sunday, please call the bar (044 277 033) if you’re planning on going on a Sunday to make sure that it isn't the band's night off.

They are easily one of the best bands and are well worth a special visit. The only consideration is that if you happen to go on an evening where there are a lot of Thai's in they may play a lot of Thai songs which might not be to a lot of Farang's taste. So the best advice is to ask all your friends to join you so that there is a large Farang crowd and I'm sure you'll all have a great night of live Farang music performed to the highest standards.

40 Up is situated on Seubsiri Road just up from The Walrus Bar and the Raya Grand Hotel on the same side of the road.

Tel: 044 277 033

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