Flaming Skewers @ Chez Andy

Chez Andy likes to push the borders of culinary experiences, they will even be showcasing molecular gastronomy in the restaurant soon, more news as soon as we get it. But if you like food with drama you will love their Flaming Skewers.

They consist of very large chunks of beef, pork, chicken and sausage interspersed with onion, bacon and mixed bell peppers on long skewers. They are served on a pendulous stainless steel rack and when they arrive at the table they are doused with a good helping of Cognac before being set alight to the amazement and amusement of all the diners, even if they happen to be sitting on the surrounding tables - pure drama!

Obviously the Cognac has more to do with adding flavour to the meats than the pure spectacle, but it commonly known that we eat with our eyes and noses first before the food gets anywhere near our mouths. And with this display the skewers are delicious before they are even tried.

They are served with beefsteak tomatoes, roasted potato with bacon, onion and parsley and thinly sliced carrots again accompanied by onion and parsley.

Three sauces are also provided - mushroom and cream, an au poire pepper sauce, and a Cafe de Paris sauce. The first two sauces were very nice, the third, the Cafe de Paris was exceptional, so good that a second portion had to be ordered, which was devoured nearly as quickly as the first.

As with everything at Chez Andy it was prepared beautifully and tasted superb with everything being cooked to perfection. The service was as usual impeccable.

The menu states that the meal serves two, but we found that it easily served three when combined with one of the restaurants excellent mixed salads, which also helped lighten the meat heavy skewers.

It is also served with home made white and wholemeal bread and real butter.

Price: 980 Baht (serves two) - 882 Baht if you use their VIP card.

The free VIP card is available at the restaurant and gives you 10% off the price of all food and drinks. Ask for more information at the end of your meal.

Chez Andy also has it's own free Tuk tuk service, so if you want to be picked up and dropped off at your home or hotel just call the restaurant.

Open: 11:00am - 11:00pm Monday - Saturday (Closed Sunday)

Tel: 044 289 556

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Address: 5 Ban Kob Kaew, Manat Road, Nakhon Ratchasima

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