Buy a Car Battery @ Chung Battery Shop

For all you car owners/drivers in Korat, ​I​ would like to highly recommend Chung Battery Shop. ​If you are looking for a new battery, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure that you won't be ripped off with an old battery or just overcharged. This shop is highly recommended as ​Mr. Chung speaks EXCELLENT English and his batteries are all reasonably priced. 

He provides free diagnostics and advice on all your battery needs. He even delivers​,​ but please ​e​nquire with him​ before to make sure you are inside his​ delivery area.

It's within sight of Neo Park Subdivision​ and he is very professional and polite​.​

Chung Battery Shop info:

Tel: 087-778-6024

Please click for the Chung Battery Shop Facebook page.

​Address: Opposite(ish) the Entrance to Neo Park, Suranaree 2 Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000

Directions: ​From the Ram Pub, head west on Sura​naree​ 2 ​Road ​towards the ​Khon Kaen ​bypass​.​ ​H​is shop is located on the south side of of the road​,​ just before the new ​through road to the Mall​ (a wonderfully well lit road to drive down at night, but with a terrifying chicane half way down that is a death trap for those that live on that corner!)​

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