Interview with Hagen Hübner

Name: Hagen Hübner                                      
Nationality: German
Position: Assistant Manager of Swat Cats
What is your role at the Swat Cats now?
I’m the assistant coach. So I am the right hand of the coach. Actually in the first half I sit up top and watch the game with a walkie-talkie and let the coach know what’s going on in the match. That’s how I help. I don’t go to the away matches. For example, last week I went to the BEC Tero match against Osotspa FC and I scouted the next opponent, so the away matches I never go to.
Is it difficult to work in a different language? In Thai?
For me, it’s not. Yes when I came to Thailand, but now it’s not a problem. I know a few words in Thai, so I can talk with some players. Some players understand English and we have a translator as well, so it’s not a problem.
Who is the most exciting young player in our squad?
That is number 39, his name is Woradorn Uun-ard (nickname Dorn). He’s a good talent and he is amazing in every training session, he gives like 100%, he is fast. He just will improve and he is a great young player.
And who is the fastest player in our squad?
I’m really not sure, but I guess that it’s Dominic, our new player (cheeky laugh) – [Dominic Adiyiah re-signed for the club after leaving at the end of last season]
What history do you have in the Thai football league?
I came here 4 years ago and I was a fitness coach for Phuket FC. Then I taught in Bangkok at a Bangkok soccer school. Yeah, then I moved over to Chiang Rai United, and last year as well, I worked for the Under-19 national team for Thailand and we were the champions of the ASEAN Football Federation Youth Championships tournament in Laos in 2015. And now, as of this year, I started to work with Swat Cats.
What is your favourite coffee shop in Korat?
Class Café of course, ha ha! [Class Café are official sponsors of Nakhorn Ratchasima Mazda FC]
What’s your favourite Thai food?
Errrm, khao pad gai. [Stir fried chicken with basil and chili]
Do you miss German food here?
I don’t really miss it, because we have a bakery here. Every week he makes fresh bread [we think this is Lecker Lecker] and he comes from close to my home town, about 30km away. He makes the bread. If I want to go and eat German food, there are a few German restaurants in town, and I go and eat German food if I miss it.
What do you do to keep busy in Korat?
Actually, we work every day, so I go and spend time with my son at 9 o’clock every day and I watch German TV, German Bundesliga of course at the weekend, and Thai Premier League at the weekend. Last weekend, I watched like 7 games, live games. So I really don’t go out that often. If someone wants to meet me in a disco or in a pub, I think they won’t see me there.
And the last question… Who will win the English Premier League?
I hope Leicester.

A big thanks to Hagen Hübner, the new assistant manager of Swat Cats, for taking the time to interview with us. We wish the team all the best in the 2016-2017 Thai Premier League season.

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