Good Bread @ St Étoile

Good bread is a hot topic on What's On Korat, as well as on every expat forum and Facebook group in Thailand! 

Thai bread tends to be sweet and cakey, mainly due to the fact Thais prefer a sweet bread and because it will keep longer in the heat. If you are looking for a crusty loaf of French bread, or a sesame bun that is soft in the middle and has a lovely home baked taste (especially if you get there when it's just come out of the oven!), you have to go to St Étoile in the Mall.

It's next to Home Fresh supermarket on the ground floor. They have a great selection of breads and cakes and even some pastries with ham and cheese. Some of the food is still heavily aimed at the Thai market, but the loves of bread are very similar to what you would get at a western bakery.

You take a tray and place a sheet of grease proof paper on it. Then head around the different counters and pick up what you like using the plastic tongues. 

A small bun will cost you about 14 baht, and a large loaf will set you back about 44 baht. There are often large orders waiting to be picked up by out of towners, so if you want to buy a load of bread, you can place orders. The bread keeps well in the freezer, and defrosts very quickly if you cut it open before you freeze it.


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