Salami @ Gourmet Meats Korat

Gourmet Meats Korat are a premium butcher and small-goods manufacturer who specialise in making their own gourmet sausages, hams, bacon, salami and other delicious meat products that can be hard to find in Thailand.

They have really good salami available that is better than any other salami I have tried in Korat. The Thai German salami that they have in the Mall is OK, but this is a home made Italian style salami that can be eaten on its own or used as a tasty sandwich filler. 

They have them in stock most of the time, and whilst you are in the shop, you can check out their other fine selection of quality meats. All the meats are prepared by qualified Australian butchers with years of experience. They use only the finest cuts and the best equipment to produce a fantastic product.

Please contact Mat on 0833806133 for any inquiries or directions in English. Alternatively, you can call Toor on 0879593931 if you speak Thai.

Google Maps can be a little tricky sometimes, so the best way to find the shop if you are coming from the centre of town, is to go under the overpass at the Sima Thani Hotel and head west on Mookamontri Road. You will drive past a 7 Eleven (no surprises there) and then a Tesco Express and a Mo Ya shop. Gourmet Meats are situated about 700m-1km down on your right where the old Eddie Vegas Bar/Unicorn Bar used to be.

They supply wholesale and retail clients.

Open: Monday - Saturday 08:00 - 17:00

Tel: Matt 083 380 6133 (English), Toor 087 959 3931 (Thai)

Address: 2242/6 Mookamontri Road, Nai Muang, Korat (near the Sima Thani Hotel)

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