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If you have a single entry non-O or non-B visa, an extension of stay or permanent residency in Thailand, you must make sure that you don't leave the Kingdom (even if it's just a weekend away) without first obtaining a re-entry stamp. They can be purchased at Nakhon Ratchasima's Immigration Office for 1000 Baht (if you want a single entry) or 3800 Baht (for multiple entry). In other words, if you want to exit the country more than 4 times, it is cheaper to get the multiple re-entry permit stamp in your passport. For the single re-entry permit, they ask where you intend to travel and for your travel dates. If you are unsure of your travel plans, you need to just 'pencil something in' though there are no repercussions if you change your mind/made it up.

If you fail to get the correct stamp, your visa will be terminated when you depart Thailand and you will be required to arrange a new visa on your return to Thailand or be forced to enter on a tourist visa.

It's dead easy to get and doesn't take long - depending on the queue. You are best to go early in the morning or after lunch to avoid the off chance that you get stuck there when the immigration staff take their lunch break.

To apply, you will need a 2" passport photo, a copy of the main photo page in your passport, a copy of your visa page, a copy of your most recent entry stamp page, a TM-8 application form provided by them and the fee in cash (some Thai credit/debit cards are accepted such as KTB but certainly taking cash is less risky). If you don't have photos already, you can get them there. There is a lady in the photocopying room who takes a picture on a digital camera and prints 4 for 100 Baht.

It has been possible to get your re-entry stamp at both Bangkok airports in the past, but if you decide to do them there instead, be warned that the office may close at certain times during the middle of the night, and that's if they haven't decided to stop processing them at the airports again.

One final key point to make is that when you re-enter Thailand, you should write your visa number on the arrival card and you are best to point out to the immigration officer that you have a re-entry stamp. This will ensure that they do not offer you a visa on arrival by mistake; a problem that has happened a fair few times to people I know.

Where is the immigration office in Nakhorn Ratchasima? Korat immigration is based in Dan Kwian on the road south to Chok Chai (224). It is exactly 14km from the Hua Talay Tesco Lotus. I would heavily recommend going in the car (comfort, you won't burn your arms and if it rains you don't get caught with your pants down). You'll pass Do Home on your left, then there is a rather awful smell of rubbish that must come from a landfill site. Eventually, you will pass through Dan Kwian and then veer right on a long bend. When you reach the Tesco Express in Dan Kwian you are nearly there. Two giant ceramic pots on the left will signal your time to turn left, then just follow the signs to the immigration. There are lots of very cheesy pottery shops with smiling sheep and what not if that's your kind of thing ;) Dan Kwian is famous for its pottery and does offer some good value, so if you take the car, you could stop off and do a little bit of shopping.

Tel: 044-375-138 or 044-375-139

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