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Are you chunky, generous of girth, or just built like an East German ladies shot putter? Then like me you probably have a hard time looking for clothes in Korat that fit but also look halfway decent. I used to walk into most shops and just ask the salespeople if they had anything in my size rather than looking around at what I liked. Usually they’d drag some hideous item that’s been collecting dust for years from the back of the store and a hopeful look on their faces whilst saying “big size”. This is really crappy. But don’t be disheartened. So far I’ve found two good options that I use regularly, Export shops and Tailored clothes.

There are several export shops around, I use the one on the ground floor of the Mall but there is a better one in Dan Kwian village. When you come out of the pottery village and head back to Korat city there is a PTT fuel station about a 100m towards the city. At the back, next door to the Amazon coffee shop is an export clothes shop. Very handy if you’re stuck waiting at immigration for a few hours, like I was recently. When I was there I bought three t-shirts and 2 pairs of shorts for only 1,400 Baht. 

The export shops have typical European and American size clothes. It seems like lines of clothing are sent to Thailand and sold off cheap in these export shops. They currently have Paul Smith polo shirts in the Dan Kwian Fuel Station shop. You can pick up some great bargains in there and the export shops have almost every item in my size, I’m a 47 inch chest, 40in waist and 17.5inch neck, so if it’ll fit me it’ll probably fit you.

The tailoring option is surprisingly cheap too. I get most of my work and some dress shirts made in Korat. For a high quality fabric and tailored dress shirt it comes to about 1,000 Baht. That’s cheaper than the shirts in The Mall, off the peg, that don’t fit properly, fantastic!

A well tailored shirt can make a big difference in how you look. It’s well worth investing in a couple. You can also head over to one of the many fabric shops near the old Klang Plaza to pick through their extensive range of fabrics, and bring them to the tailor shops.  Dark solid colours have a slimming effect, so do vertical stripes. Hoops and bright colours do the opposite so be aware when choosing your fabric. I usually buy 2 metres of fabric for a shirt. 

You can also have trousers, jackets or suits made up to fit. It doesn’t take much longer than a few days usually. I can recommend both of the shops I use, the first is Lord’s Tailors, on Suranaree Road a few 100 metres down from Check Inn, it is run by an English speaking guy so no need for a translator. The other is in the car park of the Sima Thani hotel, facing the 5-a-side football pitches.

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