Super Cool Blend 285 Motosigh @ Panjadara Hotel

Isan superbikes are hard to come by, but this little gem is pure class. The owner, a leather waistcoat clad Isan cowboy, has done the full works on this beautiful bike.

The amount of love that has gone into taking what must be over 1000 Blend 285 bottle tops, cutting the circle with the logo out, and then flattening them enough so they can be glued flawlessly like dragon scales to the outside of his sooped up disco scooter is phenomenal. 

He has speakers on the front, side and back to ensure that he is attracting the attention his vehicle deserves. And with the lights on the side and front, it has the look of something out of Star Wars.

For variety he has used M150 (obviously his chosen accompaniment to the Blend 285) to cover the exhaust - classic!

Keep an eye open for it if you are near the Panjadara Hotel near the Ghost Gate (Phratu Phee) on the south side of the Old Town. It's special.

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