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If you have been in Korat for a while, you will remember some of the finest nightclubs to have graced the city. Namely, Speed 2, Tawan Daeng, Bar Nana, Living Bar, Update, Koracha Rhwng Beer (formally Ratchasima-Krung Tep/RCA), HIP Bar and The Fun Factory (AKA Diva and several other names during its existance). Some are older than others and all have their own unique selling points, but the busiest at the moment and the coolest night out is most probably Check In Korat (not to be confused with the Check Inn Pub opposite the Siri Pattana Hotel on Suranaree Road.)

Check In Korat has a vibrant feel most nights of the week and really kicks off at the weekends. With a good mix of decent music and a cool pop culture theme, this is the place for the local party goers to strut their stuff on a Friday and Saturday night. 

They have live music in the evenings and throw some of the best concerts in town so keep an eye on What's On Korat or check out their facebook page to see who will be performing there next.

If you get there early, you can watch the practise sessions, but it is better to show up after 9:00pm when it starts to get busier. Don't go too late or you'll struggle to get a table. The raised mezzanine surrounding the ground floor is a great place to sit for a raised view of the bands performing on the main stage. You may be waiting a little longer for your drinks to arrive if you sit upstairs though, so if you want instant access, you will either want to be sat downstairs or even head to the bar yourself. You can order food too, but again, expect to wait, especially if they are busy.

Most of the people in Check In Korat are young, into their music and fashionable. There is a high proportion of ladies. The drinks of choice tend to be beers (check for a special if you are drinking bottles), whiskey and large flashy lit up cocktail towers that are very sweet, but attract attention from other tables if that's your game.

As the night progresses, the place will get busier and busier until there is a sudden clear out at about 1:00am. It's a mass exodus that can leave you a little confused, until you realise the crowd has all dissipated to the neighbouring late night clubs that continue the party into the early hours.

Recommended after parties: UBar, Baan Gua, Koracha Rhwng Beer, Club Life.

Open: Afternoon until late (01:00am)

Tel: 085 771 7331, 089 945 1339

Reservations: 080 779 5779

Address: Chang Phuak Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000 (about half way between Maharaj Hospital and the Pegasus Hotel)

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