Take a weekend break @ Koh Chang

Koh Chang seems a very long way away from Korat when you look at it on a map, but it isn't as far as it seems. In fact, driving at a moderate speed you should manage to leave Korat and be at the Ferry port which takes you to the island in around six hours.

Six hours is if course far longer than a trip to The Mall, but considering you can reach a relatively un-spoiled tropical island in around six hours from Korat makes it an ideal weekend trip for those who enjoy a nice drive.

If you leave early morning on a Friday you should be on the island by early afternoon and leaving early afternoon on Sunday gives you two whole days of relaxing sea watching.

The journey is however a little complicated; leave Korat on the 304 and head towards Kabinburi, then turn left and head towards Sa Keaw, then turn right to go to Chantaburi. Go through Chantaburi and continue on the same road to Trat, then go straight through Trat and head towards the coast. When you get near to the coast head towards the Pier, but one traffic junction before it turn right and continue for four kilometers until you get to the Ferry Port which is sign-posted just off the road on the left hand side.

Then board the ferry, it leaves every 30 minutes. It cost me 440 Baht for four adults plus the car which is great value for money. The crossing takes about 30 minutes.

When you get to the island simply drive off the ferry (obviously waiting for it to dock and the off-ramp lowered unless you think your car needs a thorough car wash) and head in whatever direction you fancy. Most people go for the Gulf of Thailand side of the island with it's long sandy tropical beaches, but the choice is yours. Then proceed along the very curvy, very, very steep island roads to your destination. I personally recommend Rock Sand Resort at the entrance to White Sands, the largest town on the island.

Please click for our review of The Rock Sand Resort.

Once you've enjoyed your stay just repeat the directions in reverse to get back to Korat. One word of advice is try and avoid the ferry terminals between 10:00am and 12:00pm, they get very busy with queues going back for kilometres. Better to get up early and beat the rush, or better still have a lie in, and then an hour or two on the beach before you set off therefore missing the queues.

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