Get your Shoes Fixed @ Mahadthai Road

I have always found buying shoes in Thailand very difficult. I have fat feet, but even if they went on a diet, I would still struggle to find a quality pair of footwear in Korat as most shops don't cater for feet over size 10. You can get shoes in the Mall and several other places, but a good pair of leather work shoes (brogues) are certainly impossible to find. I have seen the equivalent to Clark's school shoes for adults, with huge logos and writing all over them, velcro straps or giant rubber soles that could survive a lightning strike. In short, if you have a decent pair of classy shoes from back home, you need to be able to look after them and repair them if and when they buckle.

I have repaired several pairs of shoes and it really does cost nothing. After a neighbours dog decided to chew through my favourite half brogue tan shoes (a bargain £30 buy through a special deal in the Sunday Times in the UK), I was devastated. The cobblers on Mahadthai Road cut the chewed area out and perfectly sewed in a piece of leather, the same colour, and added exactly the same stitching pattern all for about 30 Baht. If your sole comes off, you can add a leather of rubber sole for as little as 100 Baht. New laces are just a few Baht, and most of these jobs can be completed over night. I have also asked for the inner sole to be replaced.

Whatever is wrong with your shoes, you really don't need to buy a new pair, just get down to Mahadthai Road and use one of the 4 or 5 cobblers there. They do a great job.

Open: All day

Address: Mahadthai Road, Nai Muang, Korat (between Klang Plaza 2 and the Night Bazaar)

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