Visit Wat Pa Lak Roy @ Non Thai

Wat Pa Lak Roy's Heaven and Hell is an outstanding temple located about twenty kilometres from Joho. With an exhibition of sculptures of colourful animals, scenes of daily Thai life and numerous symbolic animated statues that produce frightening sounds or music (as long as you slip a coin into the slot), this temple recalls people's awareness of the different sins that they should not commit during their lives. The site is like a public park where it is possible to take a small train pulled by a tractor and travel around the place or to elevate in the sky a statue of Buddha, which is pulled by a cable. Here there is no gold Chedi, but an original Uposatha that adds to the weirdness of the place. 

Every sculpture or scene represented contained an enigma, a proverb or an explanation on the corresponding sin. But they are only written in Thai so take the girlfriend or wife. They are noteworthy for the purpose of learning more about the culture of the country. Heaven and Hell are also shown, with a way to the latter that is impressive but frightening. New statues are built every day and the temple is not only a place of cult and teaching but also an open air Art museum. 

Any visitor to Wat Pa Lak Roy will remember the temple and the message that it delivers with its representations of the terrestrial sins. 

Address: Non Thai, Non Thai District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30220 

Tel: 044 380 119 

The Temple has a website but it is only Thai so if you want to know more you'll need to get someone to translate it for you.

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