Get a Haircut @ Seven Barber

There are hundreds of barbers all over Korat, but it is difficult to find one that will deliver a haircut of acceptable comfort, combined with a price that doesn't leave you feeling like you just paid for their wifi for the month.

Cool barbers in the middle of town, are usually over priced. Skutty barbers are usually dirt cheap, but you have to wait in squalor. Cue Seven Indy, a barbers run by a cool English speaking man called Go. He is young and stylish, though by young, I mean in his forties. He takes real care in what he does and is a self proclaimed fitness freak and style guru. He even managed to make me look good.

He's open from 8:30am until 9:00pm, and there is sometimes a queue, so you may want to call in advance to check if he's busy. He doesn't rush things so you could be waiting a while. He has wifi.

Price: 80 Baht (for a man's haircut)

Open: 08:30 - 21:00

Tel: 081 590 6627

Address: Suranaree Road (opposite the Check Inn pub)

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