198 Baht Shabu/Suki Buffet @ Shabu Ya Shabu

Shabu shabu is a Japanese style of eating where you get thinly sliced beef and boil it in hot water. The term is an onomatopoeia, because of the sound you hear when the ingredients are stirred in the cooking pot. 

The dish is closely related to suki, because both consist of thinly sliced meat and vegetables and are served with dipping sauces. You can get both at Shabu Ya Shabu, as well as chicken, beef and pork steaks, pasta, salad, chips and a whole host of other bits and bobs as part of an all you can eat Shabu buffet for 198 Baht per person.
The buffet also includes refillable soft drinks, ice cream (banana, blueberry, lime, strawberry and… unfortunately… coffee) and fruit. It's a real bargain and a great place to go if you have built up an appetite. 

The quality of the food isn't spectacular, but the fact that the place had a queue of about 40 people outside when we arrived on a Sunday evening at 6:30pm shows that the quantity and quality are good enough to make it one of Korat's busiest restaurants.
The acoustics inside are quite bizarre. It has the feel of a giant school canteen, with the constant collecting of used plates and cutlery as waiters and waitresses rush by with giant collection bowls. There is no music. 

To avoid too much wastage, they supposedly charge 20-50 Baht for any left-over food or drinks. If you leave a bowl of suki dipping sauce or a drink you should be charged 20 Baht, and if you leave a plate of meat, you could be charged 50 Baht, though I am certain that this is only in place to deter people from taking silly amounts of food and taking the proverbial. We were not charged extra for leaving anything.
The toilets are very good, so if at any time during (or before) your meal you need to go and make a bit more space, you will be in total comfort and a clean environment ;)
In my opinion, this is a good option if you are going out for a big family feed, and Thais absolutely love it for some reason. I was content and definitely full at the end of it, but I do think that there is something a little tacky about the ever growing number of shabu/suki/Korean BBQ style buffets that seem to be going up everywhere in Korat. I’m not sure how long they will all last.
Open: 4:45pm – 10:45pm

Tel: 095 607 5444 or 083 146 1888
Address: 1995/9 Soi 30, Suebsiri Road, Saka See Yaek Ruam Reung Chai, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000
Directions: Head due south on Suebsiri Road. Go past the turning for the Walrus Pub and continue straight. You will pass Chew Lounge and arrive at a 4 way junction with traffic lights (turning left would take you to Bung Talua). Shabu Ya Shabu is on your right.

C. C. Deville

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