Get your air-conditioning serviced @ Your home

There aren't a lot of Farang who could comfortably live in Thailand without air-conditioning. I do know of a few who don't like the fact that air-con units, especially older ones, can take all the moisture out of the air which can give them dry, itchy skin, so they manage to get by with lots of fans. But if your anything like me air-con is a must.

But did you know that all air-con units get inefficient far quicker than we realise, especially if your pushing them hard. And in-efficient units turn from being a slightly expensive necessity into being a very expensive semi-working unit.

It's therefore important to keep them well maintained, and in order to do this, your going to need an expert. My recommendation is an air-con technician named Sombat, he's been servicing and repairing my air-con units for as long as I can remember.

You just give him a call (his English is limited, so best get a Thai speaker to do it), then arrange a day and time for his visit. He'll then arrive (normally a little late), will clean your compressor (the external unit) and then your internal unit. He'll also check everything and if something needs replacing will advise you and tell you the cost. He carries most common replacement parts for most popular air-con units. If he hasn't got the part, he'll get in his truck and get it for you.

He is tidy (by Thai standards at least), courteous, reasonably priced and very knowledgable.

Having paid for commercial air-con servicing in the UK in the past, his prices are ridiculously low at 400 Baht per unit, which would be about 10% of the call out fee alone in the UK.

Very Highly recommended.

Cost: 400 Baht per unit plus parts if a repair is needed.

You can contact Sombat on 081 266 1754.


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