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We do our best here at What's On Korat to keep everyone updated on all the events happening in the city but it's a lot of work getting all the information and photos sorted and then getting it all on to the website.

So we need your help. If your a budding journalist, a teacher with some free time in between lessons, or retired and looking for something to fill up a bit of spare time then write us a feature, a review or anything you fancy.

We review and report on everything that is of general interest to those living in or visiting Korat, so if you know of a great meal at a local restaurant or have seen a really good band somewhere, tell us about it, and then we'll tell everyone else.

All reviews and features are welcome, and don't worry if you have no previous experience of writing for a publication or a website or your not a fluent English speaker, we'll sort any minor spellings or whatever out.

So get writing about anything you like and help make What's On Korat even more interesting, diverse and informative. Many thanks.

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