Steak Roll @ Pizza Shop at Save One

The Pizza Shop at Save One Market is now doing a steak roll which isn't advertised on the signage outside. If you want one just ask Stefan, the owner, you won't be disappointed. As with everything at the Pizza Shop it is prepared with the utmost care and his absolute passion for creating delicious food.

The first thing that hits you when it arrives at the table is it's sheer mass, it towers like a skyscraper above the chips on the plate. Then comes the smell, it's smells simply fantastic - and as has been said so many times we experience food with our eyes and our noses first before the it gets anywhere near our mouths. If what I see and smell is anything to go by I'm on to a real winner.
I was asked prior to the behemoth landing in front of me how I wanted the steak cooked, I choose medium rare. It makes such a refreshing change to be asked how you would like your meal prepared, let alone in a market in Korat. I was also asked if I wanted bacon or spinach on top, bacon being the obvious meat lovers choice.

I was also asked if I wanted ketchup, mayo or home made mustard as a topping, I went for mustard - as I said the attention to detail in what is basically a glorified market stall in the middle of a market would put many a so called high quality restaurant to shame.

The tower of a roll consisted of roasted peppers, roasted onions, tons of steak, cheese and the wonderful home made mustard, all sandwiched into a lovely lightly toasted bun. Every layer being as good as the next.

The price also included a portion of chips which were sprinkled with what appeared to be a very nice mild herb oil. 

Very highly recommended at any price but for 189 Baht it's a steal and easily one of the best quality meals for the price you'll find anywhere in the city.

Price: 189 Baht including chips


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