Get ready to Shop @ Mini BigC

For those who live in the middle of town, there's a new Mini Big C coming to Korat on the New Klang Plaza Rd by the Green Leaf Petrol Station. I still think they should call it a 'Little C', but keep an eye open. More shopping options in the middle of town. The Mini Big C's are cropping up all over the place and offer competition to the 7 Elevens and ever increasing number of Tesco Expresses.

Currently under construction, it will be finished soon, and will offer a smaller selection than the Big C shop, but in a more convenient location for the west side city dweller.

Best Bites

Chicken Cordon Bleu @ Blue Steak
Jalapeno Burger @ Hip Industry
Succulent Steak Meal @ Chef's Kitchen
Cheeseburger @ 3rd World Café
Tastes of home @ Sweet Lovers

Thing's to do...

Watch the Big Five @ Korat Zoo
Learn a Thai song @ your PC
Take a weekend break @ Koh Chang
Learn more about the Tourist Police
Rent a Car @ Fodo Car Rentals

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